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What is freedom ?

According to Cambridge dictionary freedom is:

the condition or right of being able or allowed to do, say, think, etc. whatever you want to, without being controlled or limited.

I asked my friend what is his definition of freedom, and he responded immediately by saying "money equals freedom".

Is that a shallow or an ignorant view? Provocative or perhaps somehow agreeable?

There are so many people in this World who are fighting for their rights for freedom (freedom of speech, movement etc.). Not so long ago and close to home - just before I was born my parents lived under Soviet ruling, where they were not able to live, speak or move freely.

I am fortunate to be living in times, when my country is independent, and only with some exceptional times, like unexpected and shocking Covid restrictions, or that one time when I was refused entry to USA and was forced to sit in a room for 48 hours before being escorted) I live in a free World.

And having all that unlimited choice is overwhelming.

For me, freedom is the ability to get up and go. No physical or emotional attachment.

To have a job that allows me to work remotely, the freedom to create my daily schedule, to be able to travel for months, leaving everything behind.

I have lived my definition of freedom, however in the pursuit of freedom, I have avoided commitments, I have avoided opening myself up to relationships, I have avoided admitting that any one place in the World is my home.

By being so focused on one thing, I have lost sight of other aspects of life.

How to change? To let go of this value, that is seemingly important, or to re-define it for myself and adapt a much more balanced way of living? I am working on changing the way I define freedom, and this morning I read this fantastic quote: "Ultimately, the most meaningful freedom in your life comes from your commitments, the things in life for which you have chosen to sacrifice." Commitment gives you freedom because you’re no longer distracted by the unimportant and frivolous. Commitment gives you freedom because it hones your attention and focus, directing them toward what is most efficient at making you healthy and happy. Commitment makes decision-making easier and removes any fear of missing out; knowing that what you already have is good enough, why would you ever stress about chasing more, more, more again? Commitment allows you to focus intently on a few highly important goals and achieve a greater degree of success than you otherwise would.

There is no limitation to defining freedom for one-self. One might dream of escaping unsafe environment, someone else might feel trapped because of family commitments.

Freedom is a definition we create ourselves. And ironically, this visual of bird flying freely over cliffside, might either liberate us or trap us.

What is your definition of freedom?


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