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My name is Marta

The first question I get asked most often is "where are you from", then follows questions about my job, my relationship status, what are my passions. All these things that form our identity. 

Some people find comfort in the certainty, I on the other hand​ can't settle with one answer. I'm curious about so many concepts, and in many ways I don't belong anywhere.

So I created this platform, where I want to share things that are pieces of my puzzle (identity). Some I might only dip my toes into, some I might deep-dive in and probably come out with even more questions than I started with. 

I want this to be an open space, with no limitations.

I'm not a coach, so I'm not here to help you or give you answers. I'm no expert (except for travel planning - I have done that for a very long, and I'm pretty confident that I can plan the holiday of your life-time. Check out Back On Monday here).


My hope is that by being vulnerable, and sharing concepts that I relate to, or try to understand, I will encourage more honest and open conversations.

Let us dive deeper!
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