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This is where I begin

I used to write my blog when I moved to London – at least once a week I shared my experience and impressions of this new life I was tumbling through. Everything was new, so something as ordinary as metro ride was full of overwhelming and shocking impressions.

Back then there was no whatsapp or Instagram (wow I sound so old) but it wasn’t even too long ago, when communication was very different. Writing my blog was my way of sharing my life and mini mind-explositions caused by daily experiences.

Instagram changed it – life became so much more about curating visual content than sharing a story.

But I still write.

Now I write my diary, almost every day I share my thought and feelings on different subjects, my observations, my learnings. A lot of it is very persona, it’s my safe space,

Today I came across a question “what are you most fascinated about” and this odd answer was the first thing that came to me “expressing things in writing. Capturing a moment in words. Trying to find a language to make sense of things”

And then I think ‘who am I to talk about philosophical concepts? I can’t show up or hide behind stack of courses or education, I certainly can’t compete with my language skills, but so many things I see daily that makes my mind wonder,

I felt the urge to resume writing in public.

Not so long ago I was caught up in perfection, and there is residue of that still left in me – some areas I can express myself freely, without fear of judgement or failure (like exercise, travel, communication with close people) but there are areas that I’m still stuck in.

Publicly sharing my opinion is definitely one of them.

How to find the perfect words, what’s the right subject that people will be interested in, etc etc.

And then my motivation – is that in the number of likes/views or positive feedback? In that case, just like with training&weight loss – if you are doing it for the numbers – you will fail.

I hope that simply ‘doing what feels so right for me’ will be enough of a motivation for me.

The confidence grows through doing, and I feel like there is no better time than now to re-sume writing.

I will be sharing everything and anything, perhaps there will be some nuggets of wisdom that will be more valuable to my readers than well edited holiday bikini shots.

I’ll be vulnerable, raw, and I will put my perfectionism aside.

I will share my view of the life that I experience, and who knows where the road goes, maybe it will turn into a very different path.

But this is where I begin.


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